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Crafting Digital Journeys with Passion, Precision, and a Touch of Magic

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About Us

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Welcome to our snug web studio. Nestled in the heart of creativity, we've got a knack for whipping up stellar websites that don't just look good but feel right. We believe in the magic of keeping things straightforward, yet impactful. Around here, it's all about genuine conversations, handcrafted designs, and, of course, endless cups of coffee. If you've got a digital idea brewing, pull up a chair and let's turn it into something special together.

Our Team

Mark Santoso


Hey there! Blue Gum Studio might sound like a big, fancy operation, but it's really just me—a passionate software engineer with a knack for crafting things on the web. I've been at it for over 15 years, building everything from CMS websites to nifty mobile apps and robust web applications. I pride myself on my hands-on approach, ensuring every project gets my full attention. If you're looking for someone who dives deep, gets the job done, and isn't all about the corporate fluff, you've found the right spot. Let's chat and make something awesome together!