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Why Blue Gum Chooses Strapi CMS

Mark Santoso·Oct 5th 2023

Let's delve into the world of Content Management Systems (CMSs) and how they've revolutionized the way businesses operate online. For decades, CMSs have been pivotal in helping companies effectively deliver their brand stories. However, as the digital landscape evolves, so too do the demands on CMS technology.

Enter the era of the headless CMS—a paradigm that has recently gained considerable traction. It offers a more streamlined and flexible approach compared to traditional, monolithic CMSs.

Why, then, among all the available options, has Blue Gum Web Studio chosen to use Strapi CMS?

Understanding the Digital Pulse: The State of CMS 2023 Australia Report

Before we explore our choice, let’s review some key insights from the State of CMS 2023 Australia report:

  • Content Workflow Concerns: About 41% of respondents felt their CMS workflows were challenging.

  • Team Dynamics: In 76% of businesses, multiple teams use a CMS, underscoring the importance of collaboration.

  • Shift to Headless: 27% of companies have transitioned to a headless CMS, indicating a growing preference for this technology.

  • Improved Performance: An impressive 86% of businesses reported enhanced KPIs and revenue growth after switching to a headless CMS.

The Case for Strapi

Given these insights, let’s discuss why Blue Gum Web Studio prefers Strapi CMS:

  1. Flexibility and Scalability: Strapi strikes an excellent balance between headless architecture and the practicality of traditional CMSs. It provides us with the freedom to create unique front-end experiences without constraints.

  2. Collaboration Made Easy: Recognizing that multiple teams within an organization frequently interact with the CMS, Strapi’s user-friendly interface facilitates smooth collaboration. This ensures that both our technical and non-technical teams can use it efficiently.

  3. Multichannel Publishing: The ability to input content once and distribute it across multiple platforms is invaluable in today’s diverse digital landscape, where users access content on multiple devices and platforms.

  4. Future-Proofing: As the tech world continually evolves, Strapi ensures that we remain ahead of the curve. It is adaptable and seamlessly integrates with new platforms and technologies.

  5. Security: A significant concern for many businesses is CMS security. Strapi offers robust security features, protecting our content and user data from potential threats.

  6. Trust and Reliability: Leading companies like Oatly and Mindvalley have put their trust in Strapi. Their success stories and the platform’s consistent performance bolster our confidence in our ongoing partnership.

Wrapping Up

Selecting the right CMS is akin to choosing a solid foundation for a building—it must be robust, adaptable, and reliable. For Blue Gum Web Studio, Strapi has proven to be that dependable foundation, equipping us to tackle any digital content challenges that come our way.

In today’s fast-paced digital realm, the right CMS does more than manage content; it enables the delivery of compelling stories and experiences. With Strapi, that’s precisely what we strive to achieve!